Cranston Review Appeals


Lloyds Banking Group (the Bank) is making decisions on customers’ applications for claims to be assessed on the grounds that they were, or should have been treated as, de facto directors, and on their applications for debt relief.

If you have made such an application to the Bank, and you are not content with the Bank’s decision, then you are entitled to appeal that decision. Rory Phillips QC has been appointed to establish and oversee an independent appeals process and to decide the appeals in relation to de facto directors and debt relief claims.

This follows the publication of the Cranston Report in December 2019, in which Sir Ross Cranston made various recommendations which the Bank agreed to implement, including in relation to de facto directors and debt relief. In April 2020, Sir Ross produced a second report, focusing on the implementation of one of his recommendations (for the establishment of a Re-review Panel for direct and consequential loss claims) and a further document clarifying some aspects of his recommendations, including on debt relief and de-facto directors. His reports are available on the Cranston Review website.

Update – October 2020

A new appeals process has been established for Distress and Inconvenience (D&I) compensation offers made by the Bank after the Customer Review. The appeals process will be available to customers that received a D&I compensation offer after the closure of the Customer Review on 03 May 2019.

Any customer who is not content with the Bank’s final decision in relation to D&I compensation made after the closure of the Customer Review is entitled to appeal that decision to Rory Phillips QC. This appeal process forms part of the Bank’s work following Sir Ross’ recommendations.

In overseeing the appeals process and deciding the appeals, Mr Phillips will act independently of the Bank.

A detailed overview of the Cranston Review Appeals Process for D&I compensation can be found here.

If you would like to contact the Cranston Review Appeals Process team, please contact